Surface Preparation


Removing rust, scale and coatings with grit blasting requires containment and/or clean-up, and those costs can have a significant impact on profitability. For contractors doing environmental remediation – removing asbestos or lead paint, for example – the containment issue is even more critical.


A HydroPrep water jetting system with vacuum recovery needs no containment or clean-up. It works quickly and thoroughly – without harming the surface profile – and leaves a clean, dry surface that’s ready for recoating.


  • High removal rates
  • Very environmentally-friendly
  • Eliminates the cost, hazards and clean-up of grit
  • Effective on metal or concrete
  • Strips down to a white metal finish

More Info

Surface Preparation Brochure

surface preparation brochure HydroPrep tools can be automated or manual

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swimming pool project

Watch video of NLB’s HydroPrep Tools at work on a swimming pool

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Product Application Bulletin #19

product application bulletin 19 UHP water jetting speeds swimming pool refurbishment

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