Pump & System Components

Some of the most important contributions to pump performance and safety are made by components you hardly ever notice.  NLB pump controls can keep your unit operating reliably, year after year.  They have earned a reputation for precision, durability and — wherever possible — ease of replacement.

In this area of the website you’ll find by-pass valves and pulsation dampeners to regulate and cushion the flow of high-pressure water, gauges to monitor operating pressure, and snubbers to enhance gauge accuracy.

Rupture disc assemblies relieve pressure in the event of a spike, while shut-off valves quickly close line flow.  We also offer engine throttle controls, filters to keep pumps free of dirt, and system valves for remote control of water flow.

By-Pass Valves

by-pass valves Adjust the pressure on your pump unit with a simple turn of the T-bar handle

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Pressure Gauges

pressure gauges NLB’s high-pressure, heavy-duty pressure gauges are oil-filled and hermetically sealed

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snubbers NLB Snubbers absorb the system pressure pulses that can cause gauge fluctuations

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Rupture Disc

rupture disc Rupture discs relieve system pressure in the event of a spike above the unit’s maximum operating pressure

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Throttle Controls

throttle controls Throttle controls advance a pump’s engine speed when a dump-style lance or foot control is activated, and return it to idle when the trigger or pedal is released

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Shut-Off Valves

shut off valves Quickly and completely close line flow with an NLB shut-off valve

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Pulsation Dampeners

pulsation dampeners Absorb and reduce system pulsation

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System Valves

system valves Start and stop the flow of high pressure water to your work site

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filters Dirty water can be the worst enemy of a high-pressure pump, but you can rely on NLB filters to keep it clean

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