Safety has been a priority at NLB since the company began in 1971. In addition to the many design features we integrate into our water jetting pumps and accessories, we offer customers a full line of tools to maximize job site safety.

These include protective suits designed to withstand the impact of a UHP water jet, whip checks, safety training, and signs and barriers to make everyone aware of potential risks.


Turtleskin® WaterArmor

turtleskin water armor Protective clothing is one-size-fits-all

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Whip Checks

whip checks Secures hose if a coupling releases; 2 styles available

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Safety Training

safety training Proper safety procedures on DVD

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Danger Sign

danger sign Job site warnings are for everyone’s protection

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Worksite Tape

worksite tape Cordon off your work area with “Caution” or “Danger”

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Hose Safety Shrouds

Cover hoses that are near operators.

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