HydroPrep Surface Preparation Systems

NLB’s versatile HydroPrep™ system is the most efficient way to remove coatings (paint, epoxies, etc.), scale, and other tough adherents. Our automated and semi-automated accessories, connected to a rugged NLB high-pressure water jet pump unit, leave metal and concrete undamaged and ready for recoating. (Steel is left with a “white metal” finish, per NACE, SSPC and SIS standards.)

Ultra-high pressure water (up to 40,000 psi, or 2,800 bar) is as productive as grit blasting, without its expense, risks (environmental or sparks) or clean-up problems.  Vacuum recovery of water and debris is available.


SRT-10-W Crawler

srt-10-w crawler For big jobs, especially high off the ground

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Hand-Held Vertajet

hand held vertajet More productive than manual water jetting

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Vortex 36-9950-15A

vortex 36-9950-15a Lightweight and maneuverable SPIN JET® unit

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Vacuum Lance

vacuum lance Add vacuum recovery to a standard lance

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Ship Bottom Cleaner

ship bottom cleaner Make short work of a huge tanker

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Vacuum Recovery

vacuum recovery Compact unit goes anywhere in a pick-up truck

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