3D Heads

NLB’s 3-D tank cleaning tools dramatically reduces tank cleaning time, respects the environment, and eliminates the need for anyone to enter a confined space.  The dual cleaning action of the revolving/rotating head, powered by the reaction force of the high-pressure water jets, provides complete, 360° interior coverage of your tank or reactor.

These 3-D heads have been removing the toughest chemical and resin build-up for decades — everything from ABS and PVC to baked-on coke.  Some customers have reduced man-hours by as much as 80 percent, while others report that they clean 6 times as many tanks or totes with water jets as with caustics or solvents.

tank cleaning

Torrent 50

The revolutionary Torrent™ 50 puts over 600 hp of water jetting power through a six inch opening.

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Torrent 200

Designed to operate at pressures to 20,000 psi (1,400 bar) with flows to 200 gpm (757 lpm)

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nlb3750-40-10k For high-flow applications (150 gpm or 568 lpm)

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nlb3750-40-10k 3-D tank cleaning 10,000 psi (700 bar)

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nlb3750-40-10k 3-D tank cleaning at 20,000 psi (1,400 bar)

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Protective Cages

Protect your 3D tools during operation

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