Shellside Tube Bundle Cleaning Systems

High-pressure water jetting brings the same benefits to exterior heat exchanger cleaning as it does to tube lancing.

NLB has two automated shellside cleaners, which move nozzles robotically from one end of a tube bundle to another to blast away hardened deposits. Maximum operating pressure for both is 10,000 psi (700 bar).

Both SSC models are trailer-mounted with a hydraulic crane to position the water jet head over the bundle. Hydraulically-operated rollers turn the bundle to assure complete cleaning and simplify loading and unloading.

Features and Benefits:

  • More thorough and productive than manual cleaning
  • Minimizes operator risk from debris and high-pressure water
  • Cleans bundles up to 25 feet long (7.6 m)
  • Hydraulic crane positions cleaning head
  • No electrical hook-up required
  • All operating controls on a convenient console
  • Custom-engineered systems available
shellside tube bundle cleaning systems


ssc9500Wireless controlled for greater safety and operator flexibility.

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ssc9200a Allows a second tube bundle to be positioned while the first is being cleaned.

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SSC8900 Cleans 1 bundle at a time, with flow up to 100 gpm (379 lpm)

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