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Extension arms allow you to put the cleaning force of the high pressure water as close as possible to the surface being cleaned.  We offer a wide range of lengths and styles.  Consult NLB for help in selecting the correct one for your application.

To add an extension arm to an “S” arm with the NLB3750-40-10K 3-D head, use Adapter CN7278.  With the NLB3750-40-20K 3-D head, use Adapter BM16699 with (1) AA-4034 o-ring.

Part NumberLength
Up to 13,000 psi (900 bar)

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BN7279-1212" (31 cm)

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BN7279-1818" (46 cm)

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BN7279-2424" (61 cm)

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BN7279-3030" (76 cm)
Up to 20,000 psi (1,400 bar)

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BM16700-1212" (31 cm)

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BM16700-1818" (46 cm)

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BM16700-2424" (61 cm)

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BM16700-3030" (76 cm)

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BN7279-12, BN7279-18, BN7279-24, BN7279-30, BM16700-12, BM16700-18, BM16700-24, BM16700-30