Making Water Work For You

Born in Forrest Shook’s Flint, Mich. garage in 1971, NLB Corp. today is a global innovator recognized around the world as the leader in water jet productivity.

More proven solutions

NLB designs and manufactures the industry’s most comprehensive line of pump units and accessories (up to 40,000 psi, or 2,800 bar), helping contractors and industrial customers do all sorts of projects faster. Some of the most common are product removal, surface preparation, pavement marking and rubber removal, tube and pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, tube bundle cleaning, concrete hydrodemolition, and pipe cutting.

Productivity in such diverse applications demands innovative solutions, and many of NLB’s have been awarded patents and/or become industry standards. Examples:

Total customer commitment

These and other innovative approaches were all developed by NLB engineers and manufactured by NLB craftsmen, using the latest equipment and quality processes. Our 125,000-sq.-ft. headquarters in Wixom, Mich. is also home to an ongoing R&D program, central parts inventory, and factory-trained service (always on call). Parts, service, rentals, and training are also
available at strategically-located regional branches around the U.S.

Experience and honors

When NLB application engineers and management go to work on your problem, they bring to the table a combined 500 years of water jetting experience. This expertise has been recognized many times over the years. Some examples:

  • NLB president Forrest Shook was a founding member of the WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA) and continues to serve on its board of directors.
  • Mr. Shook was awarded the WJTA’s highest honor, the Pioneer Award, in 2007.
  • Mr. Shook was named Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. magazine in 1991.
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NLB milestones

1971 - NLB founded by Forrest Shook
1980 - First 20,000 psi pump
1989 - Global sales network launched
1992 - First 30,000 psi pump
1998 - First 40,000 psi pump
2003 - First convertible pump
2007 - Merger with Interpump
2011 - First internally-geared pump