Water Jet System Connections

Water jet systems can use a variety of connections, depending on the accessories, what they’re being used for, and the country in which you’re working.

Our handy guide to Typical Water Jet System Connections — Type M swivel nut, Medium Pressure, High Pressure, or NPT —covers the basics. If it doesn’t answer your questions, please give us a call.

Typical Water Jet Hook-Ups

For anyone wondering how best to connect their water jet accessories, we’ve developed several typical hook-up drawings, complete with NLB part numbers.

If you need additional assistance, we’re here to help. Please send us an email, call your local NLB branch or call our headquarters: 248-624-5555.

typical hook ups diagram

10,000 psi
(700 bar)
20,000 psi
(1,400 bar)
40,000 psi
(2,800 bar)
Single Lance[pdf][pdf][pdf]
Dual Lances[pdf][pdf][pdf]
Foot Control[pdf][pdf][pdf]
SPIN JET® Floor & Grate Cleaner[pdf][pdf][pdf]