You’ve got concrete where you don’t want it, or you’ve got a coating on concrete that’s failed and you need to get it off..


High-pressure water jetting can be used for a wide range of concrete applications.  A high flow high pressure water jet can cut through concrete by eroding the cement.  At high pressure with a lower flow, water can actually remove coatings without damaging the sound concrete below.  Add an abrasive to the jet and water can completely cut through a concrete slab with rebar inside.


  • Works quickly
  • Does not damage sound concrete or rebar
  • Low dust levels
  • Can be automated

More Info

Concrete scarification

Watch a short video of UHP water scarifying a concrete slab.

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Concrete Truck Cleaning

Watch as the drum of a concrete truck is cleaned with high pressure water.

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Concrete application guide

Learn more about how high pressure water can help you do a variety of concrete jobs more productively.

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Chlorides removed from milled concrete

product application bulletin 19 Concrete digester tanks are blasted with 20,000 psi water prior to being re-coated.

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concrete form cleaning

Tools for cleaning the forms used for poured concrete walls and foundations.

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Hand lances

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vacuum recovery

NLB’s line of compact vacuum systems allows you to collect and contain the water used on your concrete application.

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torrent™ nozzles

torrent 3d headsUsed to remove concrete from the inside of tanks and vessels

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abrasive cutting

Straight water can cut concrete, but if there is rebar involved, you’ll need our abrasive cutting tools

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SRT-10 crawler

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