• Paint Shop Cleaning


    Keep grates, carriers, hooks, and chains free of paint build-up

    paint shop cleaning
  • Tank & Tote Cleaning


    Get complete interior coverage with 3-D rotating heads

    tank and tote cleaning
  • Pipe & Tube Cleaning


    Blocked tubes and pipes are no match for NLB water jets

    pipe and tube cleaning
  • Tube Bundle Cleaning


    Blast away heat exchanger build-up, inside or shellside

    tube bundle cleaning
  • Surface Preparation


    Quickly strip coatings, corrosion and more from metal or concrete

    surface preparation
  • Pavement Maintenance


    Highway markings and runway rubber disappear as you drive

    pavement maintenance
  • Concrete Cleaning


    Clean forms and expansion joints, remove laitance and more

    concrete cleaning
  • Hydrodemolition


    Break up concrete without jackhammers - or rebar damage

  • Deburring & Deflashing


    Assure that metal or plastic parts have clean, finished edges

    deburring and deflashing
  • Water Jet Cutting


    From steel to lettuce, cuts are clean and controlled

    water jet cutting
  • Casting Removal


    Avoid the casting damage often caused by chipping

    casting removal

It’s amazing how many product removal problems can be solved with high-pressure water jets. And no one harnesses the power of water like NLB.

In paint shops and parking decks, refineries and shipyards, productivity is the name of the game. NLB has spent more than four decades helping customers complete jobs quickly and ergonomically, with minimal downtime. Also with minimal clean-up, because nothing is more environmentally-friendly than water.

To see how water jets can solve your specific problem, or to download helpful data sheets and white papers, click on an example below or one of the buttons to the left. If you don’t see it here, let us know – we’ll get right on it!

Featured Applications

Paint Shop Cleaning

paint shop cleaning Labor-saving
Spin Jet® units can be mobile or mounted

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Tank & Tote Cleaning

tank and tote cleaning More productive cleaning, without solvents

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Pipe & Tube Cleaning

pipe and tube cleaning Dozens of choices for pipes large or small

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Tube Bundle Cleaning

tube bundle cleaning Multi-lance systems clean faster than manual methods

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Surface Preparation

surface preparation Hand-held and crawler units work save time and labor

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Pavement Maintenance

pavement maintenance Fast marking removal won’t damage roads or runways

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