Abrasive Cutting

With an abrasive cutting system from NLB, you can slice through concrete with rebar, cut inspection openings in petrochemical tanks, and cut up composites and many other hard materials.  An automated NLB system includes a self-focusing cutting head (24,000 or 40,000 psi, 1,680 or 2,800 bar), pipe cutter or track crawler, and hydraulic or pneumatic power unit with control stand.  A hopper with metering discs to feed the abrasive are also required.

Seven Good Reasons to Cut with Water Jets:

  • Clean cuts, without burrs, slag or warping
  • Leaves a smooth edge, with minimal kerf loss
  • Less dust, noise and heat
  • Without heat build-up, no thermal distortion or changes in metallurgy
  • Cuts a variety of materials and shapes
  • Easily automated to save labor and improve productivity
  • Spark-free, for use in explosive areas

Abrasive Cutting Heads

Abrasive cutting heads from NLB mix abrasive with high pressure water

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Abrasive Pipe Cutting

Quickly cut through pipe or other round surfaces

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Abrasive Track System

Flexible track guides the cutting head exactly where you need it

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Abrasive Hole Cutter

Cuts round holes with diameters from 1″-8″ (25.4-203 mm)

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