NLB’s patented SPIN-NOZZLE® self-rotating head turns an ordinary high-pressure lance into a superior water jetting tool. It can also be mounted on end-of-arm tooling for automated applications.

The SPIN-NOZZLE® features a specially designed and balanced body, threaded for two standard jetting nozzles in an offset pattern. It rotates by the reaction energy of the high-pressure water; no external driver is needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Faster production rates due to wide spray pattern and force
  • Reduces back thrust for operator
  • Self-lubricated


Viper 40 and Viper 24

The Viper 40 and Viper 24 let you use SPIN-NOZZLE® technology at higher pressures and are field-repairable in less than 5 minutes.

The Viper 40 operates at up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) and features a wider spray path. It easily attaches to a standard NLB 286 Series lance, eliminating any need for an air-driven lance.The Viper 24 operates at up to 24,000 psi (1,680 bar).

viper surface
lance with guard

SRH40-77 Viper 40

viper 24 Self-rotating UHP water jets; can be repaired in the field in under 5 minutes

Pressure: 40,000 psi
(2,800 bar)
Inlet: 9/16″-18 LHF

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SRH24-77 Viper 24

viper 40 Round body to minimize nozzle strikes, and 5-minute field repair

Pressure: 10,000 to 24,000 psi (700 to 1,680 bar)
Inlet: 9/16″-18 Female

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srh10-77 The original SPIN-NOZZLE® is going still strong after 30 years

Pressure: 6,000 to
10,000 psi (415 to 700 bar)
Inlet: 1/2″ MNPT

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srh5-77 Makes SPIN-NOZZLE® productivity available for lower pressure applications

Pressure: 3,000 to
5,000 psi (210 to 345 bar)
Inlet: 1/4″ MNPT

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srh3-77 The smallest member of the SPIN-NOZZLE® family is as reliable as all of the rest.

Pressure: 1,000 to
3,000 psi (70 to 210 bar)
Inlet: 1/4″ MNPT

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Protective Guards

The high-speed rotating action that makes SPIN-NOZZLE® heads so effective can result in damage if they
strike something. Protect your investment with a specially-designed protective guard.


bn1512 protective guard For: SRH3-77, SRH5-77

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bn1512 protective guard For: SRH10-77

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bn1512 protective guard For: SRH24-77, SRH40-77

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