Safety Devices

NLB offers a full line of tools designed to protect operators doing pipe and tube cleaning.  There are two back-out preventers, designed to keep the high pressure hose from coming completely out of the tube, and two flex lance guards, which work to ensure that an operator can’t pull a pressurized nozzle out of a tube and into their hand.  We also offer custom cut and threaded stingers, which, when properly installed, ensure that a high-pressure nozzle cannot turn back on itself and come back toward the operator.  Click on the buttons below to learn more.


safety devices

Flex Lance Guard

flex lance guard Helps protect operators while they operate a flex lance

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Pipe Back-Out Preventer

pipe back out preventer A barrier to a flex lance pulling out under pressure

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Tube Back-Out Preventer

tube back out preventer Articulating arm attaches to tube sheet

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stinger Learn More Helps prevent a nozzle from reversing in a tube