SRT-6LT Vertajet

The NLB model SRT-6LT hand-held high-pressure surface preparation tool allows the operator to remove a six-inch wide path of coating without the need for compressed air to rotate the nozzle assembly.

It combines the cleaning power of ultra-high pressure water with the proven technology of our self-rotating SPIN JET® seal.  The compact design weighs only 20 pounds (9.1 kg) and includes a counterbalancing system that minimizes operator fatigue.  With features like a lightweight aluminum body, available vacuum recovery, 6″ (15.3 cm) Barjet™ nozzle assembly and a 3″ (7.6 cm) vacuum attachment, the SRT-6LT is the answer to your toughest surface preparation jobs.

Features Include:

  • Removes epoxies, paint, rust and other coatings.
  • Size: 14″ high x 16″ wide x 10 3/4″ deep (35.5 cm high x 40.5 cm wide x 27.3 cm deep)
  • Operates at pressures to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) with flows of up to 6 gpm (22.7 lpm).
  • Vacuum Attachment – 3″ (7.62 cm)
  • Nozzle Assembly – 6″ Barjet with 8 sapphire nozzles
  • RPM – Approximately 3,000 rpm
  • Requires NLB Bi-Mode™ valve for operation

Part NumberTypeSeal TypeMax. PressureMax. FlowNozzlesRotation SpeedWeightVacuum Connection

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SRT-6Air-PoweredDS8850A-940,000 psi (2,800 bar)6 gpm (23 lpm)83,000 rpm 90 psi, 20 scfm35 lbs. (15.9 kg)3" (7.6 cm)

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SRT-6LTSelf-RotatingDS8850A-940,000 psi (2,800 bar)6 gpm (23 lpm)83,000 rpm 90 psi, 20 scfm20 lbs. (9.1 kg)3" (7.6 cm)

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Additional Information


Air-Powered, Self-Rotating

Seal Type


Max. Pressure

40,000 psi (2,800 bar)

Max. Flow

6 gpm (23 lpm)



Rotation Speed

3,000 rpm 90 psi, 20 scfm


35 lbs. (15.9 kg), 20 lbs. (9.1 kg)

Vacuum Connection

3" (7.6 cm)