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Standard “S” Arms


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Standard “S” arms will often provide the best performance for your tank cleaning application.  NLB offers versions in a number of sizes and offsets to match your specific job. The last 2 digits in model number denote offset angle.  NLB has arms with offsets available in 5mm increments; consult us for proper sizing.

Part NumberUse WithOffsets

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DM32595-XXNLB3750-40-10K10-70 mmDM32595_CM32189_160x140.jpg

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CM32189-XXNLB3750-15010-90 mmDM32595_CM32189_160x140.jpg

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CM38138-XXNLB3760-5019.5-40.5 mmCM38138-XX

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CM38135-XXNLB3760-508.25-16.8 mmCM38135-XX

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CM41227-XXNLB3760-20023.5-44.76 mmCM41227-XX

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DM32595-XX, CM32189-XX, CM38138-XX, CM38135-XX, CM41227-XX