General Information

Here is where you’ll find a profile of NLB Corp. and details of our Rental program.

Pumps & Units

pumps and units Get a data sheet for any of our Convertible or Dedicated pump units, or one of our bareshaft pumps.

(Note: Except for convertible units, model numbers indicate operating pressure and horsepower; e.g., NLB 40250 is rated up to 40,000 psi, 250 hp.)

Convertible Units (D-Diesel, E-Electric)

Dedicated Units (D-Diesel, E-Electric)

Bareshaft Pumps


accessories Find specs, features and benefits for everything from lances to robotic hydrodemolition units.


markets applications NLB has solutions for a wide range of applications, organized by industry.

White Papers

white papers See how water jets meet the challenge of cleaning paint shops, tanks and heat exchanger tube bundles.

Product Application Bulletins (PABs)

product application bulletins Check our library of successful applications to see how NLB water jetting can help on your next job.