Vortex 36-9950-15A

The NLB Model 36-9950-15A lightweight SPIN JET® combines the cleaning power of ultra-high pressure water with the proven technology of our rotating SPIN JET seals.  This compact design weighs only 138 pounds (62.7 kg) and provides the ultimate in maneuverability and ease of operation.  With features like a light-weight aluminum body, hard rubber wheels, 15 inch (38.4 cm) Barjet™nozzle assembly and vacuum attachment, the 36-9950-15A is the answer to your toughest floor and deck cleaning problems.

Features Include:

  • Weighs only 138 pounds (62.7kg).
  • Aluminum and stainless steel design with hard rubber wheels allows for ease of maneuverability.
  • Rotary seal and dump valve repair kits available for fast, easy field maintenance.
  • V36-550A fast acting dump valve diverts the ultra-high pressure water to the rotary seal when activated.  When the valve is in dump position, water pressure is instantly reduced to near zero..
  • 4”  (10.25 cm) Vacuum attachment for collection of water and debris.
  • NLB’s 15 inch (38.4 cm) BARJET nozzle assembly requires only 50 cfm for operation up to 2,500 rpm.
  • 15 inch (38.4 cm) cleaning coverage.
  • Uses up to 11 gpm (42 lpm) at 40,000 psi (2,800 bar).


Seal Part NumberDischarge Pressure (Max.)Max. FlowRotation SpeedAirWeightWidthNozzles
DRS1248140,000 psi
(2,800 bar)
11 gpm
(42 lpm)
2,000 rpm65 psi @ 50 cfm
(4.5 bar @ 23.6 l/s)
138 lbs.
(62.7 kg)
(41 cm)
Up to 15

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